Day 5 of October "All in Fall" Pure Barre Challenge

Day 5 of October "All in Fall" Pure Barre Challenge and my personal challenge PB2 {Pre-baby Body Back} in full swing! Started the day off with an amazing Acai Smoothie bowl made with loads of cleansing greens, low-glycemic berries for energy, banana for potassium and magnesium, coconut butter for healthy fats and energy, chia seeds for that omega boost, coconut water for hydration and raw stone ground Jem nut butter for the soul! It was great fuel for the intense Pure Barre 250 Club class that I went to {picture above!}. I stuck to my goals, despite many challenges {fussy baby, husband out flying for a few hours in the evening, keeping promise to carve pumpkin with 6 year old while finding time to make dinner that could be made with one hand!}. I ended the day with a delicious and quick homemade veggie soup and arugula salad and managed to prep GGS {Glowing Green Smoothies} for the next couple of days. Feeling good! :)