The Best Clean Skincare Line

"Sensitive Skin? Lucky you." Pai Skincare

Pai Skincare's tagline says it all. For those of us with sensitive, reactive skin, Pai is the answer. In fact, I truly believe Pai Skincare can easily be the answer to anyone's skincare routine. Made from mostly organic, soothing and gentle ingredients that are plainly spelled out on the label, Pai has really anchored a spot for itself as a standout, must-have in the clean beauty industry. Garnering support from flawless faced Natalie Portman doesn't hurt either. 

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I was featured in Pai's new sensitive skin campaign and would love for you to check my story out here.

As it says in my story, I battled with adult acne. Worst year or so of my life pretty much. I'm one of those people who generally thinks I can always do better. It doesn't matter what it is... whether it's fitting more greens in my diet, mastering Pure Barre techniques, taking photos, making dinner, being a mom... whatever, I can do better and be better. I took the same approach to skincare a few years ago. While my face looked great, I knew I could probably look even better... less wrinkles, invisible pores, more even toned. So, I loaded up on fancy schmancy lotions and potions from the beauty counters. Wowza! Huge mistake. Slowly but surely, I was damaging my skin with my vain attempt to look better. Boy, did I get a huge kick in the seat when adult acne set in along my jawlines. {I'm sure the copius amount of dark chocolate m&ms I ate while being a {paid} blogger didn't help -- but, I wasn't gaining weight so I figured, what's it matter?!} Seriously friends, it was awful and I cried and no matter what.I.did., it wouldn't go away. 

That is when a late night search {and angels from heaven above!} led me to Pai Skincare. Oh my goodness. I was ecstatic {and slightly nervous as to how my skin would react to this skincare range} to receive my fancy package from London full of healthy, skin-loving, beautifying goodness with simple, organic, easily pronounceable ingredients. It was love at first wash. After the first time using the brand's cult cleanser with organic muslin cloth, my angry, inflamed skin took on a more soothed and plump {in a positive, youthful way!} appearance. Carefully spritzing the toner and applying just a bit of the moisturizer, I noticed my skin didn't feel so tight and burning. It was getting happier. And that was just the beginning. Before I knew it, no more acne. {Disclaimer, I did quit eating m&ms cold turkey and ate The Beauty Detox way during this time}. 

The other best thing about Pai is that they care about their customers. Customer service is amazing, Sarah {the company's founder} blogs useful tips on skincare and diet, the company has a very active and communicative Facebook page to help with skin questions and product recommendations and there's also a 30 day money back guarantee. But, I guarantee you won't want to send anything back! 

Oh and PS I just used their Pregnancy Duo of an oil and lotion and did not get a single stretch mark while I was pregnant with Emma Kate. And, don't say it's because it's not in my genes to get stretch marks because I did get a few with Caleb! The stuff is skin-loving, magical goodness. 

*Pai Skincare did not pay me or approach me to write this blog. I just love them that much that I wanted to share with you :)