Aloha! & Island Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

Going to Hawaii!!! Ok, no I'm not. Sadly not. Probably couldn't if I wanted to. Well, maybe in like 18 years. Oh gosh, I'd be so old then. This is getting really depressing now... Moving on!

Yummy Superfood Choco-LOVE

Yummy Superfood Choco-LOVE

Back to Aloha. Aloha is actually a really promising {awesome} new health food brand offering convenient, highly nutritious solutions that combat {or at least aim to equalize} the negative effects of living our modern, yet highly stressful, lifestyles. Providing daily greens in single serving, on-the-go packets with yummy all natural and organic flavors like chocolate cacao, berry and natural as well as vegan, grain-free protein powders that are thick and delicious, the company's free sample {just pay $4.95 S&H} "smoothie kit" includes 2 protein powders {1 chocolate, 1 vanilla} and 3 daily good greens packets in each flavor. And did I mention they sell super healthy chocolate bars? Like, seriously healthy, with greens, raw cacao, low-glycemic and mineral rich coconut sugar for a touch of sweetness and mood-boosting one-liners like "share the love" or "shine" on each square of chocolate-y, superfood goodness. {As you can see, I get REALLY excited about chocolate :)} All of this bundled up in beautiful, eco-friendly packaging, friendly customer service and a convenient bundle plan that ships when you want it to. I'm kind of crushing hard on Aloha.

So, I have decided that come January 1st, I am doing an Aloha experiment! I'm going to have an Aloha vanilla smoothie every morning for 2 weeks and see how I feel and notice any changes in my body. And the only thing I'll treat myself to is a square of the superfood chocolate bar once daily. I'm hoping this experiment will have me saying Aloha! to a {nearly} Hawaii-ready bikini body! :) Sounds fun right?! Do it with me! Here's how:

Right now Aloha has an amazing referral program where you AND YOUR FRIEND each receive $20 in credit just for ordering their free sample by Dec. 31st! Not only that, but they are also donating $5 (the cost of your S&H) to Maui Cultural Lands for each referral. Win, win and win! So, help a girl out and follow this link so we can all amp up our health and wellness into 2015! 

After you sign up and receive your "superfood smoothie kit," make this:

Aloha's pic... I downed mine too quickly to snap a good shot. Whoopsie!

Aloha's pic... I downed mine too quickly to snap a good shot. Whoopsie!

Island Chocolate Smoothie

1 Aloha Chocolate Premium Protein Blend

1 Aloha Chocolate Daily Good Greens

1/2 frozen banana

1/2 frozen mixed berries

1 tbsp. coconut shreds

1 cup coconut water (I recommend Harmless Harvest)

1 cup water

Directions: Put everything in your blender. Blend on high 30 secs. Pour and enjoy your thick and delicious, super, crazy healthy chocolate milkshake. 

You can thank me later xo