Pure Madness Midpoint & Motivation

We've made it halfway through the Pure Madness challenge! The hump day, day 15, numero quince. Yay for us! The goal is to complete at least 20 classes in 31 days. I've got 10 in so far so I'm halfway there at the halfway point which isn't half bad, right?! But oh em gee, I'm feeling it. Couple that with feeling extra tired lately because my sweet baby girl has suddenly decided she wants girl time at 3am, my motivation for getting to the barre at 6am every day even on my days off {especially on my days off} is waning. Sooo, to put more oomph! under my {sore, but mostly lifted} seat, I've compiled a list of motivational tidbits to help even the purest of Pure Barre Addicts set their {my} tired eyes back on the prize. Leading into my number one motivational factor:

Basically sums up life during #puremadness. 

Basically sums up life during #puremadness. 

  1. Instant Gratification. Pure Barre works. And works fast. Taking 5 or more classes in a week, {Dang girl! Look at those abs!} you start noticing changes in your body faster than you can say Lift. Tone. Burn. And this is coming from a new mommy after her 2nd c-section. If it works for me, it will work for you! Oh how I love results.
  2. Better Choices All Day. Taking care of your body by working out leads you to take extra care of what goes into your body the rest of the day. Instead of mindless snacking and stuffing myself to oblivion, lately I ask my body what it needs and go from there. The result: more energy, less belly aches and a happier mood. Supa.
  3. Pride. Make yourself proud. What I'm doing makes me proud. It gives me more to be proud of. Bringing it and tucking it to my max most days of the week, regardless of how much {or how little!} I sleep, or how achy my muscles are, or how cranky my babies are being, is my high five to myself. Selfish? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely. And p.s., you're worth it too. No excuses!
  4. Excitement. It's exciting to try on clothes that were once too tight and now fit like a glove again. It's exciting to wake up to a flat, toned stomach every morning. It's exciting to think how much closer I'll be to my pre-baby body fitness goal by the end of the madness. It's exciting to feel more at home in my body. And, it's exciting when Missy Elliott comes on during abs. <---amiright?
  5. Community. The support and friendships at the barre are unparalleled. {hashtag PBBFF} Heading to class knowing my favorite ladies in the world are going to be there is the best feeling. Having an accountability buddy? Even better. 
  6. Adrenaline. Always going to the same class with the same people... "my people" is awesome. Going to a late night class when I'm used to the 6am because life happened? Even more awesome. Using that heart-pounding adrenaline from rushing around and deterring from the norm pushes me that much harder through my workout. Therefore looping me right back to point number 1!
  7. The Grand Finale. Picture your success. That smile stretching across your face upon reaching your goal. Buying that new tank you've been eyeing that'll show off your new, super-toned pure madness arms with the special discount you get for completing the challenge. Flaunting your ledge in that new bathing suit on spring break with all the confidence you've gained. Our 6am crew is planning a Pure Madness Happy Hour to  celebrate defeating this challenge. It's always motivating to have something to look forward to! Find your driving force!
Missy during abs?! #flipitandreverseit

Missy during abs?! #flipitandreverseit

15 more days? Psh, bring it. We got this!