That's A Wrap!

Need an easier way to eat your veggies? One that is so easy, you won't even realize you're eating more veggies? One that can be incorporated seamlessly into breakfast, lunch and dinner? One word for you: Wrap. Everything tastes better in a wrap. Wraps are bread's cooler, better looking, out of town brother with a sexy accent. They just make things more fun. And it doesn't matter what veggies you pile in them, they're going to taste fantastic. Throw some mixed greens, sprouts, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, a little hummus or sesame tahini sauce and maybe some {responsibly raised} grilled chicken and bam! Tastebud overload. Holy deliciousness. I think I just died and went to wrap heaven.

Veggie Heavy Tip of the Day: Wrap it up! It's easy to eat your veggies when they look and taste this good! 

Veggie Heavy Tip of the Day: Wrap it up! It's easy to eat your veggies when they look and taste this good! 

To up the ante and make your wraps just that much healthier and that much lighter on your digestion, switch to a gluten-free brown rice wrap, raw wrap, paleo wrap or upgrade to the Rolls Royce of the wrap world and use a big leaf from nature. I'm talking raw collard greens, swiss chard, cabbage, butter lettuce... Not only will these green superstars add more flavor, better texture and a prettier picture for insta, but they're also going to give you more energy, glowy skin and more likes ;) So what are you waiting for? Ditch your zero for a hero with these beautifying, alkalizing and mmm mmm good leafy wraps. 

The Low Down on the Leaves: 

Save the naked veggies! Eat a wrap!

Save the naked veggies! Eat a wrap!

Collard Leaf: A huge leaf big on nutrition, collards are high in magnesium which is needed by nearly every organ in your body. Being deficient in this mineral makes every bodily process suffer. So feel your best and make some Raw Gorilla Taco Wraps {my fav!!!} courtesy of Kimberly Snyder, CN and author of The Beauty Detox Solution.

Swiss Chard: Great plant-based source of iron as well as vitamin A and antioxidants that help regulate blood sugar making them great for everyone but especially vegans and diabetics. Try this tasty leaf wrapped around this fancy Raw Reuben Wrap from Matthew Kenney, Raw Food Chef, author and educator. 

Cabbage: Full of powerful anti-cancer phyto-chemicals, cabbage is definitely a great replacement for your traditional processed flour or corn tortilla wraps. Loaded with vitamins and minerals for bone, brain and heart health, this leafy green is hearty enough to hold your burger and all of its fixin's in place.

Butter Lettuce: Strengthen your bones with this delicate leaf as it is rich in phosphorous and vitamin A... a powerful bone-building duo. You probably know these leafy greens best as the star of P.F. Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps feature. Try this copycat recipe at home.

Romaine: Hydrate and alkalize with this mild tasting green loaded with B vitamins, calcium and even protein. I love using this easy to digest green for most of my wraps because I always seem to have it on hand. The leaves are not as large so it makes for a messy, but super tasty, vehicle for veggies. One of my favorite combos is sprouts, carrot sticks, cucumber and avocado spread generously with a cilantro jalapeño hummus. Delish!

What's your favorite wrap? Which one of these do you think you will try? Snap a pic and show me your creations :)