What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hi beauties! I thought I'd try something new today because I AM SO CRAZY EXCITED about lots of things and feel like a mad woman going back and forth from thing to thing with my spare minutes. Plus, how fun is it just to share all the great things you're loving? You kinda want the whole world to know, right?! From new books, to chocolate {swoon!} to local goodies, here's a rundown of the things that have me giddy today. 

The Suja Juice Solution

The SUJA JUICE SOLUTION by Annie Lawless {of whom I now stalk religiously on her blog and insta!} Oh.My.Gosh. I LOOOOOOVE this book! I won it from submitting my Pure Fuel recipe to Pure Barre for my Love & Light Smoothie, which got featured on their awesome blog! {You can check it out here. And to submit your own recipe, click here.} This book isn't all, "buy my juice and eat this weird food." It's actually thoughtfully written and targets everyday people like you and me who are looking for do-able ways to feel and look better. And it uses my favorite healthy eating tip, which they refer to as, "crowding out" ... where you add in so much good stuff, all of a sudden there's no room left for the bad! No deprivation there! While this isn't a vegan book, it is full of plant-based recipes with responsibly-raised and sustainably-caught meat and seafood. Remember, you don't have to be vegan or paleo or macro to be healthy. I'm not vegan. I don't like labels because then you feel stuck and you don't listen to your body when it's telling you what it wants. What it needs. I consider myself plant-based and eat loads of fresh fruits and veggies and try to keep it low in sugar for brain health since Alzheimer's runs in my family. You do you ;) Ok, off my soapbox now. But seriously, buy this book today. You will love it! For a simple breakfast recipe from the book, click here. Yum!

Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge: This little device has been life-changing for me! Since having Emma, I wanted to start tracking how much I move in a day since I am sitting so much more often because I'm breastfeeding her. Plus, I'm just plain tired. So, to "get my steps in," my awesome hubs bought me the Fitbit Charge that came highly recommended from my friend. I LOVE IT. It tracks not only my steps, but my workouts, sleep {or lack there of}, flights of stairs climbed. It's my alarm clock, my watch, my motivation to get at least 10,000 steps and 10 flights of stairs daily on top of Pure Barre or whatever exercise I commit to that day... which I'm blowing way past these days! Averaging around 15,000 steps and 20 flights on the daily. Woot woot! The results are not just a slimmer physique, but a happier mood by spending time in nature on long walks, disconnected from technology and more connected to my sweet family. Win.

Tracy Anderson Cardio Dance

Fun At Home Workouts: I've really been loving working out or moving my body every single day. I constantly think of that pinterest quote about exercise being 1/24 of your day and then like Nike says, I just do it ;) When I can't make it to Pure Barre because I have nobody to stay with sweet Emma girl, I either go for a run {which, I kind of hate doing these days...}, dance it out with Tracy Anderson {super fun!} or recently, I signed up for the TIU girls beach babe challenge, so now they're sending me free workout videos. It's so fun to try out new things and move in different ways. Plus, Emma looks so cute smiling and "dancing" with me!!! Such motivation to know I'm setting a good example for my sweet girl so hopefully she will grow up loving herself and having body confidence! 

A few of my favorite things... sweet Emma Kate snacking on a watermelon radish and wearing ruffles while we picnic outside {the grass was still wet!}. <3

A few of my favorite things... sweet Emma Kate snacking on a watermelon radish and wearing ruffles while we picnic outside {the grass was still wet!}. <3

All this sunshine! I am definitely loving the return of this sunshine after a long week of rain, cold and clouds. I prefer spending most of my time outside taking walks, playing with the kiddos, walking to Birkdale for lunch with Beth, sitting in the sunshine and picnics with my sweet girl! Even better when watermelon radishes {another of my loving lately favs!} are in the picture! 







ALOHA! How could I not mention ALOHA?! They've kindly invited me to be an ambassador for their products since I've been using them religiously since I heard about them probably 6 months ago now and I can't stop telling everyone how awesome they are! I have the Daily Good Greens {in chocolate cacao, natural or berry} every single day in something and the superfood chocolate bar more often than I should admit! But it is like a chocolate covered salad after all, since it's packed with nutritious greens... an entire serving of fruits and veggies per bar, yet tastes like a decadent truffle! I love how the Daily Good thickens my smoothies deliciously, omitting the need to add banana therefore keeping it lower sugar yet super satisfying all at the same time! Plus, I can also add it to plain water, for a whole foods, fiber-intact "juice" pick-me-up on the go. Good news for you! If you order from me using promo code: PBNJULIE at checkout, you'll get 20% off your entire order! If you're interested in trying it, but don't know how to use it, ask me! I've created a handy recipe book full of tasty ideas :) Or, you can still order your free sample from me by following this link where you'll just pay about $5 for S&H and receive a $20 credit towards your first purchase. You are welcome!!! xo

The Beauty Detox Power

The Beauty Detox Power by Kimberly Snyder. Yes, this is another book! I have not gotten the chance to read too much of it yet, but so far I am in love! I have all of Kimberly Snyder's books so far and this one seems just as great. It is not your "normal" weight loss/diet book with what to eat when. Instead, Snyder delves into the mental and emotional reasons of eating and cravings. It's all about the mind body connection, loving yourself, finding triggers to your emotional eating and healing to find balance. And of course, it is not without yummy recipes! From mac and cheese to beet burgers to rich and delicious raw brownies, you'll be drooling over the pictures while trying to figure out what to make next! 


Superfood Salad. You guys... I eat this almost every.single.day. Ask the awesome prepared foods people at Whole Foods LKN {Hi Ali and Nate!}... embarrassingly, I'm there pretty much everyday. It's full of all the good stuff... berries, kale, ginger, apple cider vinegar, cabbage, goji berries. The taste is delicious and it's the perfect quick meal to have for moms on the go. Try it. Tell them Julie sent you ;) 





Lenny Boy Kombucha: Ahh! Thank you Amanda! This kombucha rocks! Other kombuchas have recently started making my tummy hurt or feel uncomfortable, but not this one! This one, makes me feel awesome. It kills cravings, makes my stomach flatter and tastes delish! And I love that I'm supporting local when I drink it. Lenny Boys is brewed right here in Charlotte. Favorite flavors: Strawberry and Sweet Potato Pie... trust me! So good!

Now it's your turn! What are you loving lately? And what did you think of this post? If you like it, I'll start doing it every week... I've had a blast making it :)