Storing Fat and Feeling Lazy? Here's the Culprit.

Fructose. This simple sugar naturally found in fruits and added for sweetness to many packaged and overly-processed foods {think bread, ketchup, soda} is getting a bad wrap according to findings from a recent study out of the University of Illinois. It appears that fructose, not glucose, not only causes weight gain, but consumption may also lead to inactivity. Talk about a double whammy for your waistline. 

Gaining weight? Let's be real... I doubt it's the bananas. :)

Gaining weight? Let's be real... I doubt it's the bananas. :)

While the study doesn't go into heavy deets about the fructose coming from naturally sweet fruit and veggies, I hardly believe it's the banana that you ate making you put on some extra weight. But, if you're working towards leaning out for summer, it doesn't hurt to reduce your sugar intake from all sources and increase your intake of fresh veggies and lean proteins. 

I've recently started doing just that with great results. However, it's been a natural progression along my postpartum journey. I've simply found that now my body is craving less carbs and more protein and high water content veggies. My usual higher-sugar smoothies were leaving me bloated and hungry soon after eating. Now, I add only about 1/2 cup of organic berries and more fats and protein and feel like I'm operating on a much more even keel. Or, I'll have a yummy chia pudding sweetened only with stevia or with a packet of ALOHA daily greens in berry. 

Bottom line: Find what works for your body. Don't subscribe to someone else's perfect body prescription. It's always fun to experiment, but ultimately, it boils down to listening to your body. Finding your own evidence as to what works and do just that. And what works one day, may not work the next or the next. Try to stay balanced -- eat lots of veggies, laugh everyday, give and get hugs, exercise and maybe {definitely!} have some dark chocolate.