What'd She Just Say?! TOP 5 "Sh*t my Pure Barre Teacher Says" Quotes

We've all been there. Totally in the zone, heels high, shoulder blades down and back, navel to spine and tight squeeze on the ball. That serious "excuse-my-resting-barre-face" mode for 55 minutes of intense total body lift.tone.burn "me time". Then...

Funny things your Pure Barre teacher says

Funny things your Pure Barre teacher says

Your teacher says something so absurd, just LOL, no-she-did-not just say that over the mic hilarity. Hey, it happens. As a teacher myself, I am guilty of this too... especially when teaching two classes in a row or at 6am {which is pretty much always} 😜. Somehow, the tongue-twisting, head-in-the-gutter absurdities ramble right on out and best part, there's no getting them back. 

Here's the TOP 5 Funniest Quotes straight from the mouths of my fellow PBLKN teachers. 


What's the funniest, "omg-no-she-just-didn't" thing your Pure Barre teacher has said during class? Share below and hashtag #LiftToneBONE @pb_n_julie on Instagram and FB for some funny social media LOVE :)