Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

If you're lucky enough to have your mom with you this Mother's Day and you simply couldn't imagine life without her, make sure you show her with so much love this Mother's Day. Which, is this Sunday. So, act quick because it's only FOUR {{ 4!!! 😱}} DAYS AWAY! Ok ok, collect yourself. Phew, I know. I was only thinking about Cinco de Mayo coming up this Thursday too. No worries, Mom will understand. She always does. Plus, waiting til the last minute doesn't mean you love her any less and seriously, she totally knows that she raised a procrastinator and loves you anyway. However, you can give her a gift that looks like you put some thought into it and have had it planned for, oh at least two weeks anyway. How? Easy, check out my Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide below for something special your mom actually wants.

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Find the perfect last minute Mother's Day gift with PB&Julie's Gift Guide.

Find the perfect last minute Mother's Day gift with PB&Julie's Gift Guide.

  1. Modern Sprout Kitchen Herb Kit: In pretty pastel jars to brighten Mom's kitchen, these self-watering indoor planters with organic basil, organic parsley and non-gmo mint seeds are the perfect last minute gift you can order here on Amazon and take advantage of 2-day shipping or find at your local Target.
  2. American Greetings Gift Subscription for Mom: This last minute gift lasts all year long and is soooo useful! You know Mom is always thinking of others, and she will love being able to send an unlimited amount of cute ecards to loved ones near and far. If my mom was still here, I know she'd get a kick out of these animated cards, and I'm sure yours will love this thoughtful gift too! Available in one or two year subscription memberships that are super affordable {no more than $25!}, help Mom feel more connected than ever for a major win this Mother's Day!
  3. Pure Barre Mom & Me Class: Bring your Mom to Pure Barre Lake Norman May 6th-8th to enjoy barre class with you for only $10!!! Make it a date and enjoy brunch after. Nothing like bonding over health :)
  4. Mantra Bands: While you're at Pure Barre Birkdale, pick up matching or complementary Mantra Bands to keep you feeling more connected than ever. With cute sayings like, "You are my sunshine" {<--- a total favorite of mine... my mom used to sing this song to me all the time 💕} and "I am loved," these too-cute-to-boot bracelets are simple and meaningful. $32
  5. Corkcicle. LOVE these you guys! With proprietary triple wall insulation, these canteens hold everything from Mom's coffee to her bottle of wine and keeps it hot or cold depending on what she needs. Get yours at Poppie's Gifts in Birkdale and even add a monogram for a gift that will make you Mom's favorite. Bonus for throwing a Clean Juice gift card in there to help Mom stay healthy and energized! Starting at $20.
  6. Fitbit Alta. This mom just got the blue one pictured above and is totally SMITTEN with it! This fitness tracker is cute and motivating. The app is easy to use, helps you connect with friends and really gets you moving and grooving... happily. $130
  7. Amazon Mom: Now Amazon Family, this membership offers exclusively family-oriented coupons, age-based recommendations, 20% off diaper subscriptions and a 15% Baby Registry completion discount. It pretty much rocks.
  8. SUJA Juice Subscription: Give your mom a big squeeze with this organic, cold-pressed subscription of juicy, healthy goodness. She will glow! $40/mos

  9. Stitch Fix: Is your mom as clueless as I am about the latest styles and dressing cute? Or is she too busy to shop or maybe not in the best health to get out and treat herself to some new clothes? Stitch Fix to the rescue! Now they even send shoes! Get Mom her fix and let her see what all the fun is about :)

  10. Beyond Yoga Space Dye Leggings: These leggings are to die for! To live for! To do everything in! They are so super soft and cute cute cute! Your mom will love cozy-ing up in a pair around the house and will feel good enough running errands in them. They even work for mommas-to-be. And they're sold at Pure Barre Lake Norman! ~$79

Remember, whatever you give your mom this year, the gift of time spent with you {and maybe the grand kiddos too} is always going to be her favorite. True story. Don't believe me? Watch this tearjerker below. I don't think I'll ever recover from watching it.

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