VEGAN Dirt Pudding

Hi friends! Long time no see. No read? Eh. Let’s not drown in the specifics.

What better time to be back from the dead than Halloween, right? Ahhahahaha {read wicked witch laugh}. If I had to tell you, then it probably didn’t come across as intended. Maybe I can find a green witch emoji face for after it…


Anyway, a few things to look forward to in this post:


1.     Hearing from yours truly

2.     What to do with all the CRAP candy from tonight’s trick-or-treating

3.     A yummy, tastes-guilty-but-isn’t, treat to make with your little ghosts and goblins

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Drink Wine, Feel Fine

So, my friend and I were getting our nails done and chatting away when the subject of drinking alcohol came up. No surprise there... as we get thrown deep in the momma trenches, it's what we do for survival, HA! Anyway, she shared how she just doesn't feel well the next day and it makes momming even harder. Well, good thing I have that shiz down to a science #roséallday. See below how I manage to drink all the wine (OK, one heavy-pour glass) and still feel super fine the next day.

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Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

If you're lucky enough to have your mom with you this Mother's Day and you simply couldn't imagine life without her, make sure you show her with so much love this Mother's Day. Which, is this Sunday. So, act quick because it's only FOUR {{4!!! 😱}} DAYS AWAY! Ok ok, collect yourself. Phew, I know. I was only thinking about Cinco de Mayo coming up this Thursday too. No worries, Mom will understand. She always does. Plus, waiting til the last minute doesn't mean you love her any less and seriously, she totally knows that she raised a procrastinator and loves you anyway. However, you can give her a gift that looks like you put some thought into it and have had it planned for, oh at least two weeks anyway. How? Easy, check out my Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide for something special your mom actually wants.

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Detox for Spring the Whole Foods Way

With each season, our bodies start to adjust to the world around us. As it becomes winter, we naturally begin to crave the heavier and more comforting foods that are in season such as grounding root veggies and warming spices like cardamom and nutmeg. We also switch our iced beverages to steaming mugs of our favorite drinks and just naturally settle down into a slower pace as the days become shorter and darker. This seasonal change can even put a little extra weight on our frames as our bodies prepare for freezing temperatures that in the past, have left food scarce.

Likewise, in the spring, our bodies also begin to naturally adjust to the longer days and warmer weather by shedding the extra weight of winter, by picking up the pace and by craving lighter, more energizing fare. Luckily, Mother Nature provides everything we need to support this natural transition between the seasons by providing foods that will help us combat the effects of pollen, that will clear congestion and help improve our circulation so we can keep up with the extra "spring" in our step that comes along with this new season. Find that, and more, in today's blog post.

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The LTB Report. Fierce Seat Kicking Inspiration Beyond the Barre.

23 days until Spring. That's roughly three weeks until the world awakens to a gentle warm breeze and sunshine beckons tiny seedlings out of the dark earth and toward the bright possibilities of the unknown. Birds will begin singing, flowers will bloom and lush green leaves will take over the bare, rough branches as Mother Nature paints the earth in bright red and pink blossoms. As we {im}patiently await the best time of year, there is one thing we don't have to wait for... And that's this month's LTB Report. This L.T.Beauty is kicking seats at the barre and IRL {that's "in real life" in case you were wondering... pretty proud I just learned this slang ;) *feeling hip*}. She's an over-committed sweet heart that has a hard time saying, "no" but an even harder time sitting still. So she plans ahead, squeezes in precious "me time" wherever she finds an opening in her jam-packed calendar {think running on her lunch break} and still has time left over to be there for her friends and family. She's smart. She's beautiful. She's fiercely motivated. And after being knocked to her knees by the stress of our modern world, she has seen firsthand just how powerful healthy living and clean eating can be. And lucky for us, she's here to share all of her tips and tricks for living well. Keep reading as she shares everything from her favorite indulgence, to her glow-y skin secrets, whether she prefers Pure Barre over Platform and how she bounced back from a couple crazy and debilitating health issues stronger than ever. Everyone, meet Jamie Filotei.

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A Detailed Look at my FIRST Juice Cleanse Experience

I've got a confession to make... I've never done a juice cleanse 🙈

Surprising right? I mean, even I'm a little surprised that it's taken me this long to hop on this juicy wellness trend. I have looked into it numerous times and follow juice shops from California to Sedona to across the pond and in Australia that make me really hyped up and ready to dive in to 3 days of liquid nourishment. Then, I wake up hungry and the urge quickly dissipates.

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What I'm Loving Wednesday... Indulgence style!

Hi you guys! Happy new year! Woo-hoo 2016! Am I right?! This year feels so shiny, bright and promising. I could just hug it! I don't know about you, but I was definitely ready for a change. And there is definitely something about this new year - a new, clean slate to invigorate the soul and spirit. For me, it's not about limiting or restricting {no diets over here!}, but about the limitless potential and the abundance of goodness lying in the mundane day to day just ready to be discovered and celebrated for the beauty that it is. The small things deserve celebration and deserve to be noticed for they are... the building blocks of our lives. I've recently read somewhere to fall in love with the process, not the goal. Yea, let that sink in. Wow! Basically, if you love your life, if you love the work you're putting in and enjoy the natural process and order of things then your dreams will start coming true! No forcing, no pushing and no killing yourself required. Phew! What a relief right? So good. And what's life without a few indulgences here and there to keep lifting you up so you can keep raising the bar{re} and reaching for the stars?! I've definitely found some super favorite things lately that I think you'll love too! Check 'em out!

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The LTB Report... Happy Holidays Edition

With the Christmas season upon us... only 9 more days!!!... it seemed only fitting to interview one of Santa himself's hardworking elves. This cheerful beauty's giving nature spans far beyond just the holiday season however. She's bringing smiles, joy, warm meals, clothes and toys to those less fortunate throughout the entire year. In fact, this remarkable mother of three, loving wifey and hardcore LTB-er has one main goal - to leave people happier than they were when she found them. And that she certainly does. You'll see her bubbly personality and heart of pure gold shine through below in this holiday edition of The Live Taste Beam Report and be immediately inspired to spread some holiday cheer and goodwill yourself. Oh, and did I mention, this wonder woman also lost 85 lbs in a year and a half but gained so much more along the way in the form of self-love, confidence and an oblique {<--- her words! hahaha}. Everyone, meet Molly Gregory. 

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What I'm Loving Wednesday. The Chocolate Covered Holiday Edition.

Chocolate. Christmas. Chocolate covered Christmas. Yes, yes and YES! My two favorite "ch" words are even better together. So this holiday edition of my Wednesday favs goes out to all you beautiful chocolate lovers out there. Whether it's gifting, getting, eating or drinking, I've got you covered. Chocolate covered ;)

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PB&Julie's Holiday Gift Guide

So, if you haven't finished shopping, make somebody's day {like your's... I'm not telling ;)} and pick up one of these gifts. When buying gifts, think how what you're buying can make a difference. Like, shop local. Give the gift of health. And vote with your dollar... use your consumer power to make a difference by supporting companies that are changing the world for the better. This gift guide takes all the guesswork out of giving with heart. Check it out... 

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The Flat Belly Five and Sample 1 Day Raw Menu

So, I'll just get straight to the point. If Thanksgiving {numbers 1, 2 & 3 plus "Friends-giving" & leftovers central} has you feeling more stuffed than your t{of}urkey then follow these tips to debloat, reenergize and make sure you'll still fit into all those cute skinnies you bought on Black Friday. And small business Saturday.... and cyber Monday... 

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Best Thanksgiving Inspiration From Pinterest and Beyond

Looking for last minute Thanksgiving inspiration? Me too! So, I turned to Pinterest {DUH} and some of my favorite websites for ideas. From cooking hacks to table settings and ways to keep the kiddos happy... oh and what to wear to look cute while wearing stretchy pants, here's what I found.

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The LTB Report... Faith, Love & Clean Juice with Kat Eckles.

I'm thrilled to bring you this inspiring LTB Report {so glad the first one was such a big hit!} featuring Clean Juice's Kat Eckles! If you live around the Lake Norman area and are reading this blog, chances are you've already met this tiny firecracker with a heart of gold. And if you haven't gotten the chance to know her, you're in for a real treat. She's the type you'll talk to for five minutes and wish you were best friends with in ten. Keep reading below to find out Kat's secrets for glowing skin, the health-boosting tonic she always wakes up to {recipe below} and the vice she just can't live without {!!!}.

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{Guest Post} The Ugly Side of Beauty

Lead in lipstick? 1,4 dioxane in baby soap? Coal tar in shampoo? How is this possible?
Simple. The $35 billion cosmetics industry is so powerful that they've kept themselves unregulated for decades. Not one cosmetic product has to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration before hitting the market. Incredible? Consider this: 

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Paint Your Plate Orange? for Breast Cancer

By now, we all know that pink is the official color for breast cancer awareness. From pretty pink packaging, wearing pink on Thursdays to your local Pure Barre studio and pink ribbons decorating the entire month of October, it seems natural to eat pink too -- no pink skittles do NOT count! -- to help guard your body against the disease that affects nearly 1 in 8 women in the United States alone. While rose-hued strawberries, raspberries and grapefruit are healthy additions to any diet, evidence supports that orange is where it's at... in regards to breast cancer prevention. Time for pink-ribboned pumpkins, perhaps?

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The LTB Report... Clean Beauty Edition

Hi beauties! I'm so excited to introduce you guys to this fun new monthly feature highlighting tips and tricks from my favorite wellness gurus! From living happy to creating tasty recipes and tricks to obtain that lit-from-within glow, the LTB {Live.Taste.Beam.} Report will be your new go-to for living a deliciously healthy life! 

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What I'm Loving Wednesday, Fall Edition!

Hello hello! Guess what day it is?! Hump Day! And about stinking time for a round up of what I'm loving these days. Now that it is {finally} fall, there's lots of goodness to share! The vibrant red and gold crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice everythang and the leg-warmer, cozy-sweater-cooler days have me feeling all kinds of excited. However, I'll always long for longer sunshine filled days, short shorts and watermelon juice, but for now, this is good. Luckily fall is a beautiful, beautiful time of year that beckons through its windy whispers gently urging to slow down, stay grounded and turn slightly inward in preparation for the shorter, chillier days ahead. Ah, I can smell the sweet cinnamon and taste the pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies already... despite the 80 degree hot and sunny forecast for the day! OK, on to the good stuff...

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What I'm Loving Wednesday! Head to Toe Edition!

Oooh, I've got some goodies to share with you this week! I'm excited just thinking about them. I don't find things I love so very often, thus why I'm not posting this feature on the weekly. I'm not going to make up favorite things just so I can write a blog... that's not how I roll. Here's my real favorite fav's in no particular order...

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The Case for Smoothie Bowls and Why I Hate the "D" Word

Hi friends!! Happy Friday! SO excited to finally get to jot down a blog post this week. Summer vacation has been brutal. Besides the heat firing up our Pitta dosha {more on this to come!}, having two kiddos at home both wanting to do things with me leaves not much down time and lots more "always on" time. "Sorry 3pm date with chocolate and tea, it looks like we're going to have to reschedule. Again." But, I am absolutely LOVING getting to spend time with them making sweet summertime memories... despite all the crazy! But, today is a "two-fer" Friday... I'm going to chat about smoothie bowls and the harmful, no good, very bad, "D" word. 

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