What I'm Loving Wednesday. The Chocolate Covered Holiday Edition.

Chocolate. Christmas. Chocolate covered Christmas. Yes, yes and YES! My two favorite "ch" words are even better together. So this holiday edition of my Wednesday favs goes out to all you beautiful chocolate lovers out there. Whether it's gifting, getting, eating or drinking, I've got you covered. Chocolate covered ;)

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Celebrate Your New Veggie Heavy Lifestyle with this SWEET Treat!

Yay! 31 days of eating veggies everyday, maybe even multiple times daily!!! This. Is. Huge! I bet you feel Ahhh-Mazing! You definitely look it ;) Changing your eating habits is super hard! I hope that by adding veggies in without worrying about taking things away has helped. It's always nice to feel like you aren't giving up anything. But, a great byproduct of adding in is the crowding out part... where you add in so much good stuff, there's no room left for the unhealthy stuff. Woot woot! In celebration of day 31 of Veggie Heavy March {and if you're a Pure Barre Rockstar, you just finished your March Madness Challenge too!!! Congrats! And Yay! You look super beautiful, toned and awesome too... but gosh, don't you just feel so good? Like really really sore, omg, this still hurts, but hurts so good, wow, there's-my-abs-they're-not-just-a-myth good?!}, here's a deliciously sweet and gooey recipe to get your last dose of veggies in, in the SWEETest, chocolatey-est {So, I make up words... and?! ;)} most irresistible way yet...

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Aloha! & Island Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

Going to Hawaii!!! Ok, no I'm not. Sadly not. Probably couldn't if I wanted to. Well, maybe in like 18 years. Oh gosh, I'd be so old then. This is getting really depressing now... Moving on! 

Aloha is actually the highly delicious and super nutritious...

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