My Public Apology to Coffee and How to Enjoy America's Favorite Cup the Healthy Way

So, I really kind of slammed coffee in my previous post here. I knew him as the enemy. The dark addictive cup of java always left me jittery, anxious and with mood swings... not to mention dehydrated. Yet, I kept going back for a Starbucks grande soy latte day after day. My health and my wallet were suffering. And I started feeling like I needed more to get that same boost I initially felt when I began drinking coffee again after having Emma. But, now I'm starting to sing a different tune. 

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Why Coffee Is Probably Wrecking Your Health

It's your morning ritual. Your cozy hug in a mug. There to greet you every morning, smelling delicious. The taste? Intoxicating. It envelops all of your senses, delighting them with every smell, every sip. Lighting up the reward center of your brain. It's the best way to start the day and to some, the only way. What's not to love?


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