Detox for Spring the Whole Foods Way

With each season, our bodies start to adjust to the world around us. As it becomes winter, we naturally begin to crave the heavier and more comforting foods that are in season such as grounding root veggies and warming spices like cardamom and nutmeg. We also switch our iced beverages to steaming mugs of our favorite drinks and just naturally settle down into a slower pace as the days become shorter and darker. This seasonal change can even put a little extra weight on our frames as our bodies prepare for freezing temperatures that in the past, have left food scarce.

Likewise, in the spring, our bodies also begin to naturally adjust to the longer days and warmer weather by shedding the extra weight of winter, by picking up the pace and by craving lighter, more energizing fare. Luckily, Mother Nature provides everything we need to support this natural transition between the seasons by providing foods that will help us combat the effects of pollen, that will clear congestion and help improve our circulation so we can keep up with the extra "spring" in our step that comes along with this new season. Find that, and more, in today's blog post.

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