The LTB Report. New Years with Nila.

Happy Friday! January sure is flying by, but before it goes, I have a fun interview with one of the most beautiful people I know, both inside and out, Mrs. Nila Grier. I was lucky to meet this beaming ray of light at Pure Barre as she became a regular in my classes. While these days, we don't get to LTB together much, I often run into her coming in and out of Clean Juice or picking up the best vegan cookies at Whole Foods. Of course, in true Nila fashion, she always has a smile beaming across her face and a big hug ready no matter how busy she is. And that she certainly is! Being step-mom to internet sensations {to say the very least!} Nash and Hayes Grier and college football cutie Will Grier, really keeps her on her toes as she regularly jet-sets back and forth to the west coast. Yet, she remains completely unchanged by the fame. Even with a stout following on Instagram, Nila remains authentic and an incredible role model for all of her impressionable young followers. She's definitely someone to look to for inspiration. This girl lives balance... while eating right and exercising are important to her, she also makes sure to live a little and enjoy every second of this sweet life. Everyone, meet Nila.

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