The LTB Report... Happy Holidays Edition

With the Christmas season upon us... only 9 more days!!!... it seemed only fitting to interview one of Santa himself's hardworking elves. This cheerful beauty's giving nature spans far beyond just the holiday season however. She's bringing smiles, joy, warm meals, clothes and toys to those less fortunate throughout the entire year. In fact, this remarkable mother of three, loving wifey and hardcore LTB-er has one main goal - to leave people happier than they were when she found them. And that she certainly does. You'll see her bubbly personality and heart of pure gold shine through below in this holiday edition of The Live Taste Beam Report and be immediately inspired to spread some holiday cheer and goodwill yourself. Oh, and did I mention, this wonder woman also lost 85 lbs in a year and a half but gained so much more along the way in the form of self-love, confidence and an oblique {<--- her words! hahaha}. Everyone, meet Molly Gregory. 

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