The Scoop on the Best Protein Supplements

I'm often asked what protein powders I use and recommend, so here's a quick little post highlighting my favorite "go-to" protein supplements and what I like about them. They're all vegan, organic and delicious. I do not recommend whey protein because it's overly processed and I'm just not a fan of dairy. Protein from plants is clean burning, easily digested, beautifying fuel for your muscles. Read on for my fav's. 

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Aloha! & Island Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

Going to Hawaii!!! Ok, no I'm not. Sadly not. Probably couldn't if I wanted to. Well, maybe in like 18 years. Oh gosh, I'd be so old then. This is getting really depressing now... Moving on! 

Aloha is actually the highly delicious and super nutritious...

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