Rethink Your Comfort Foods to Beat Stress

Food isn't just food. It isn't simply a scientific blend of calories, carbs, fats and protein all tied up in a pretty little package. It's not just fuel for our body and we don't only eat when we are hungry. While some people do have the discipline to eat purely to fuel their bodies, I'm not talking about them... I'm talking about you and me, who turn to food for comfort and to feed our emotions as well as our souls. Bad day at work? Hello Ben&Jerry's. Boyfriend dump you? That bastard. Now, here have a triple fudge ooey-gooey brownie. Your pants won't button anymore? You can diet after you finish this big, glorious bowl of macaroni and cheese. Sounds familiar, right? Or maybe you're wrought with worry and don't want to eat anything at all which is just as much a detriment to your health as overeating. So what do you do? Easy... find comfort and the grounded feeling you're after in your favorites, made over. 

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