The LTB Report. Fierce Seat Kicking Inspiration Beyond the Barre.

23 days until Spring. That's roughly three weeks until the world awakens to a gentle warm breeze and sunshine beckons tiny seedlings out of the dark earth and toward the bright possibilities of the unknown. Birds will begin singing, flowers will bloom and lush green leaves will take over the bare, rough branches as Mother Nature paints the earth in bright red and pink blossoms. As we {im}patiently await the best time of year, there is one thing we don't have to wait for... And that's this month's LTB Report. This L.T.Beauty is kicking seats at the barre and IRL {that's "in real life" in case you were wondering... pretty proud I just learned this slang ;) *feeling hip*}. She's an over-committed sweet heart that has a hard time saying, "no" but an even harder time sitting still. So she plans ahead, squeezes in precious "me time" wherever she finds an opening in her jam-packed calendar {think running on her lunch break} and still has time left over to be there for her friends and family. She's smart. She's beautiful. She's fiercely motivated. And after being knocked to her knees by the stress of our modern world, she has seen firsthand just how powerful healthy living and clean eating can be. And lucky for us, she's here to share all of her tips and tricks for living well. Keep reading as she shares everything from her favorite indulgence, to her glow-y skin secrets, whether she prefers Pure Barre over Platform and how she bounced back from a couple crazy and debilitating health issues stronger than ever. Everyone, meet Jamie Filotei.

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