Probiotics and Why You Need the Little Buggers {Like Yesterday}

You probably already know that your body is home to bacteria, both beneficial and not so much. And most of these little creepy guys live in your digestive tract to help things break down and keep them *ahem* moving along. You probably only think of probiotics {meaning "for life"} when you've taken a round of antibiotics and maybe not even then. The thing is, your body constantly needs the bacteria in your gut to be replenished and kept happy due to the daily stresses of our modern world, including flack from your boss, processed foods and environmental toxins. And I'm not talking eat a yogurt and you're done. Nope, it takes a bit more thought than that, but it's so worth it. A happy belly is the key to having a flat belly, more energy, glowing skin and an optimistic disposition. 

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