VEGAN Dirt Pudding

Hi friends! Long time no see. No read? Eh. Let’s not drown in the specifics.

What better time to be back from the dead than Halloween, right? Ahhahahaha {read wicked witch laugh}. If I had to tell you, then it probably didn’t come across as intended. Maybe I can find a green witch emoji face for after it… {Answer: NOPE}

Anyway, a few things to look forward to in this post:

1.     Hearing from yours truly

2.     What to do with all the CRAP candy from tonight’s trick-or-treating

3.     A yummy, tastes-guilty-but-isn’t, treat to make with your little ghosts and goblins

So, you may or may not know, but my family and I are currently living on the other side of the world now in one of the most beautiful places on the planet – Australia. And not just any part of Australia, the Opera House and Harbor Bridge part. I know, right. JACKPOT. Dreams do come true… at least if you marry the most perfect human alive that is. OK, I’m just kidding. Not the part about him being perfect for me, but the dreams coming true part. Women can totally make their own dreams come true. I just got really lucky with my guy {shout out to hubby of 10 years!}.

OK, now to my point. Since we are currently in Australia, Halloween is not HUGE over here like it is in the US. In fact, when we moved over about a year and a half ago, we were told that it wasn’t celebrated at all. So, I donated all the astronauts, firemen, Star Wars, Minnie Mouse and fairies before we came. Palm to face.

And, to make things awkward – typical for my life, but stick with me here – last Halloween, when the kiddos asked if we’d be going out trick-or-treating, I said, “No, they don’t celebrate Halloween here.”

Imagine my surprise when after school there were little goblins, zombies, witches and fairy princesses parading around the sidewalks. Palm to face.

Now, I may have had a slight inclination that Halloween was celebrated a little bit here at least. When I went to the mall and saw Halloween decorations in their Big W {think  Walmart – and yes, oddly enough, it’s at the mall}, I balked. I then asked the next passerby if Australians do in fact celebrate Halloween, and well, he thought I was a crazy lady or something, grumbled and hurried by. So, I just chose to believe it wasn’t celebrated and didn’t think about it again.

Back to my point {boy am I chasing a lot of squirrels today}, for my mates here in Australia, you may not know it but there are creative strategies to get your kids to willingly hand over their gooey and gummy, sugar-and-artificial-coloring candy. And think it’s a good idea.

Candy Fairy Poem via

Candy Fairy Poem via

Here are a few:

  •  The Candy Fairy: The Candy Fairy encourages our little goblins to pick out a few of their most favorite candies from their Halloween haul and then put the rest out for her to find. The Candy Fairy will come when they’re asleep and replace the candy they left out with a gift {think money, a small toy, a toothbrush. HA! Tricked you with that last one. She won’t {better NOT} leave a toothbrush}. Print out the poem at this link and hand it to your kids tonight.

  • The Dentist: Stick with me here, in the US at least, some dentists participate in a candy buy back program after Halloween. So, book a visit and pack the candy. Your child gets paid $1 per pound of their candy. The candy is then donated to overseas military troops.

  • Switch Witch: Same idea as The Candy Fairy. Leave out the treats and they’ll get “switched” out with a game, book, money, small gift… Print out Switch Witch poem here.

  • Candy Craft: This solution probably works best with younger kids – think preschool age. You basically search “Halloween Candy Crafts” on Pinterest and go to town.

 Now, onto a wickedly good and simple treat to make with your little lazy bones! This recipe is admittedly, not super healthy. So sue me. It is however, entirely plantbased, comes together in minutes, uses real, whole food ingredients and is FUN. #treatyoself


If you are looking for a wholesome, healthy and fun treat to make with your littles, make my Candy Corn Smoothie with homemade vegan fluff or these Monster Bites. They’re amazing, and we are making them today too!

If you make my creations, it’d mean the world if you could tag me @pb_n_julie on Instagram and @pbandjulie on Facebook. Thanks friends!

Now, let’s get making!

VEGAN Dirt Pudding: Quick and easy Halloween treat for you and your goblins!

VEGAN Dirt Pudding: Quick and easy Halloween treat for you and your goblins!

Vegan Dirt Pudding

serves 4 


  • 1 pack vegan gummy worms or make your own vegan gummy worms by twisting two sour patch kids candies together!

  • Vegan Chocolate Pudding: 2 medium ripe avocados, ½ cup cacao, 4 tbsp maple syrup or coconut nectar,  4 tbsp almond milk, 1 tsp vanilla extract, pinch of sea salt. Whiz in blender or food processor

  • 8 Oreos


1. Make pudding

2. Divide into 4 small mason jars

3. Crumble 6 Oreos in a Ziploc bag {this is the “dirt}

4. Top pudding cups with crumbled Oreos

5. Add your gummy worms & Enjoy!