Thanksgiving Sushi *RAW VEGAN DELICIOUS*

Yep, you read that right. Thanksgiving sushi. Why not? I think putting a fun spin on tradition keeps things light and fun. Not stale like your Great Aunt’s stuffing surprise…

This raw vegan paleo Thanksgiving sushi is sure to add some extra fun to your holiday spread

This raw vegan paleo Thanksgiving sushi is sure to add some extra fun to your holiday spread

Moving on. This sushi is super fun to make and cleverly sneaks in heaps of good-for-you raw veggies that will keep your digestion happy and humming. And, even though it’s wrapped in seaweed, I kept it “Thanksgiving compliant” by making the “rice” out of pulsed sweet potato, pear and pecans. Then, I added in some rehydrated cranberries for nostalgic purposes. Obvi. All super amazing Thanksgiving flavors. As for the enoki mushrooms, well they’re the magic. They totally make the roll look like they came straight from a fairytale. So whimsical and beautiful. You’re welcome :)

Onto the dip. Well, it’s creamy, Thanksgiving-y and delicious. Sweet maple tahini with a splash of tamari and a hit of red chili flakes for fun, this beautiful accompaniment will have your sushi begging for a dip. And, it makes extra too so you can thin it with some water later on to add to your after-the-feast salad or let’s be real, douse your leftovers in it. No judgment here.

So, make a few of these rolls and serve them up as an appetizer at your Thanksgiving get-together or make them the main event at your “Friendsgiving.” Whatever you choose, this Thanksgiving Sushi is sure to get the conversation rolling <— see what I did there ;)  

And, for something a bit more traditional to bring to the table, I’ve got you covered tomorrow with my beautiful vegan sweet potato, quinoa and kale salad. Stay tuned and sign up for my newsletter because you won’t want to miss this amazing dish!

closeup thanksgiving sushi

Thanksgiving Sushi

makes 4 rolls


4 nori sheets

2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and rough chopped

2 firm pears, peeled and rough chopped

¼ cup pecans

½ avocado, sliced

2 small english cucumbers, julienned

1 package enoki mushrooms

¼ cup raw cranberries, rehydrated

12 basil leaves

black sesame seeds, to garnish

For Sweet Maple Tahini Dip:

4 tablespoons of tahini

½ lemon, juiced

juice from sweet potato and pear rice

2 tablespoons maple syrup

1 tablespoon tamari

sprinkle of sea salt and red chili flakes


For the “rice”

  1. Add pecans to the food processor and pulse until a rice-like consistency is formed. Set aside in separate bowl. Do the same with the sweet potatoes and pears.

  2. Add pear rice to a nut milk bag and squeeze excess juice into a small bowl. Place the pear rice into the bowl with the pecan rice. Place sweet potato rice into the nut milk bag and squeeze out its excess juice. Then, add sweet potato rice into bowl with pear and pecan rice.

  3. Stir to combine.

For the roll:

  1. Place a sheet of nori on the bamboo mat with the shiny side facing downwards

  2. Spread a thin layer of “rice” over the bottom third of the sheet, going all the way to the edges

  3. Assemble the remaining filling ingredients in the roll

  4. Use the rolling mat to get a nice tight roll and seal with a little water

  5. Use a sharp knife to cut the sushi into bite-size pieces coating the blade in a little water before each cut. 

For the dip:

  1. Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir to combine. Thin with warm water as needed.

*Tip: Leave some sprouts, mushrooms and/or veggies hanging out of the ends for visual appeal

What are your plans this Thanksgiving? What is your “signature dish?” I’d love to know! Leave me a comment below :) And, as always, if and when you do make this Thanksgiving Sushi Roll, take a pic and tag me on Insta @pb_n_julie xx