{Almost} Raw Vegan Halloween Bites

Today was Diva Day at our Pure Barre Studio and I have to say, all this Xtina prep has really got me fired up for Halloween! Normally, Halloween is just kind of, "meh" for me. While it's fun getting the kids their costumes, I'm honestly like, why did I just spend that much $$ for one night where it's either going to be too cold to see their cute costumes because they will be bundled up in layers or in Emma's case, the costume probably won't even stay on. But, I'm so much less of a scrooge {uhhh... Frankenstein?!} this year thanks to all that PB excitement surrounding Diva Day. I'm so lucky to work at such an amazing studio with incredible coworkers, inspiring #girlboss and cute outfits because really, everything is so much more fun with a little tuck, a little shake and a whole lot of PBFF love! And a fantastic Diva-fied playlist!
OK... moving on now to the point of this post... I DO, however, always get excited about the Halloween FOOD! Making it look gross or fun or anyway special to get smiles from my kiddos just makes my life. Trying to think of something fun for this year to surprise them with and well, my train of thought went something like this, "hmmm... dracula, blood, white smoothie with cherry 'blood' on top oozing down the sides, balls, Frankenstein BALLS!, no no, bites, ooh vampires, even better... boo bites. Yes!" 

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