Mermaid Sushi *Raw Vegan*

Wow, that 2-week holiday was the longest school vacation ever. Like, EVER. I was all like, “What day is it? Who am I? Where are we? Why are you still here?!”

Well, we’re here now. We’ve made it to the other sides moms — mums? — and now, we miss them. Admit it. We do. I probably said that to Caleb like 25 times today. *Sigh*

However, if you follow me on Instagram (I mean, of course you do… right?) at pb_n_julie, you noticed I was still able to post some homemade deliciousness that only looks — ok, and tastes — fancy and magical. Mermaid sushi. Yum! Inspired by these gorgeous Australian beaches and crashing-one-day, smooth-as-a-lake-the-next, ocean, this gorgeous plant-based roll was actually pretty simple to make. And, even easier to eat ;)

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*EAT PRETTY* Citrus & Beet Salad with Fiery Avocado Tahini Dressing

Hello lovelies! Sorry to keep you waiting for a new post this week — I was up to my ears writing for my “real” job. But, now I’m back with this stunning salad that’s a real crowd pleaser. It’s so visually appealing and the bursts of flavors and varying textures in every bite really elevate this dish. This is a fabulous summer salad as it is summer here in Oz, but for all my friends back home in the cold, the {addictive} fiery avocado tahini dressing is sure to warm you up!

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