Selfie Smoothie {from Kimberly Snyder's New Book!}

Did you know that our skin completely rebuilds itself every 27 days? How amazing is that?! You could literally start your “healthy-skin” diet right now, and by the end of next month, see incredibly noticeable differences! Wowza! And, I have just the thing to help you sparkle, shine and glow.

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LOVERS Truffles *Raw Vegan Sexy*

Being happy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’d be nice if it were, of course. Sunshine is definitely a big part of it – the best feeling part of it maybe. But feeling good is ALL of it. Embracing all of it — darkness too. It’s the moon. It’s the stars. And how beautiful is that? How beautiful that the whole world is inside of you? Inside of me. Inside of us.

And, how beautiful that we live in the only world with chocolate?!

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