Tangled Miso Sesame Salad with Veggie Noodles *Vegan, Gluten Free, Raw*

Woohoo! It’s April and life is good, am I right? Spring Break has just begun (and by Spring Break I, of course, mean Fall Break because #Oz) lol Honestly, I’ve been calling it Spring Break this whole entire time, and it is only now I realize, “Whoops, you’re not in America anymore, ToTo.” Palm to face! When Emma Kate and Caleb do silly things like this I say, “At least you’re cute.” With myself, it’s, “At least you know your way around a veggie.” Ok, I don’t really say that. But, I really do have a way with veggies. Some even call me the “Veggie Whisperer.” (No, nobody calls me that.) But, after tasting today’s tasty Asian-inspired sesame “noodle” salad, I bet SOMEBODY finally will! :)

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