Tropical Chia Glow Bowl *VEGAN AND RAW*

Hello my lovelies and happy New Year! Even though the New Year started a week ago, I’m just now catching up. So, I’m celebrating today. And what better way to celebrate than with a bowl of nourishing sunshine, am I right?!

One thing I decided on this year was upping my intake of chia puddings because of the skin-loving benefits. My face is always smoother, plumper {in a good way!} and glowy-er when I do. Combine that with my craving for sunshine since this dreary summer Sydney weather isn’t giving me any, and BAM! This tropical chia bowl of good mood food was born. Grab a bite of summer with the recipe below!

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Life is Hard. Eat Pudding.

One thing I know, when you're going through tough times, is you need to give yourself extra love. Extra time. And proper nourishment. You have to make yourself put in the extra effort and it's hard. But, people need you. Your life may have changed. And it may be hard to get up. But, the world won't stop for you. You have to keep going. One thing I turn to for nourishment is chia seed pudding. It's quick, it's easy and it's deeply nourishing for your body and has omega fatty acids and tryptophan to lift your mood. Plus, there are a million ways to make it to suit your tastes. Make sure to give it time to properly gel up and you're sure to love it.

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