Mermaid Sushi *Raw Vegan*

Wow, that 2-week holiday was the longest school vacation ever. Like, EVER. I was all like, “What day is it? Who am I? Where are we? Why are you still here?!”

Well, we’re here now. We’ve made it to the other sides moms — mums? — and now, we miss them. Admit it. We do. I probably said that to Caleb like 25 times today. *Sigh*

However, if you follow me on Instagram (I mean, of course you do… right?) at pb_n_julie, you noticed I was still able to post some homemade deliciousness that only looks — ok, and tastes — fancy and magical. Mermaid sushi. Yum! Inspired by these gorgeous Australian beaches and crashing-one-day, smooth-as-a-lake-the-next, ocean, this gorgeous plant-based roll was actually pretty simple to make. And, even easier to eat ;)

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"Be Happy" Raw Cookies {Goji and Cacao Nib!}

Hello lovelies! Today, I have a beautifully easy and delicious recipe to share with you. My little lovebug and I decided it was time to make cookies. It had been far too long. However, that has had a lot to do with it being summer in Sydney. So hot, you guys. Regardless, when you need cookies, you need cookies #amiright?! So, there was just one solution — no bake cookies. With benefits, of course.

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Glowing Green Smoothie {GGS} Bowl

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I am now an official 2019 Solluna Ambassador. *Woohoo!* What does that mean? Well, Solluna is the work of nutritionist, author and celebrity fav Kimberly Snyder (remember her? She’s been monumental in my switch to a happier, healthier plantbased lifestyle. LOVE her) who first popped into my life with The Beauty Detox Solution. If you haven’t purchased this book yet, I urge you too RIGHT NOW. My copy is about 8 years old now and you can tell I use it often. I am always turning to it for more inspiration and quick and healthy recipes to get back on track… including the famous Glowing Green Smoothie. It’s Kimberly’s trademark, and you’re going to love it!

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Bikram Bowl *Raw Vegan*

I love smiling. Laughing. And any opportunity I have to do it, I will. So, anyway, go to yoga. Find your smiling happy self and make this bowl of goodness after. It’s loaded with juicy fruit, antioxidants and real-food goodness to make you glow from the inside out. The perfect whole-body hydration you will need! Especially for a Bikram yoga practice in the hot hot summertime like we now have here in Sydney.

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Tropical Chia Glow Bowl *VEGAN AND RAW*

Hello my lovelies and happy New Year! Even though the New Year started a week ago, I’m just now catching up. So, I’m celebrating today. And what better way to celebrate than with a bowl of nourishing sunshine, am I right?!

One thing I decided on this year was upping my intake of chia puddings because of the skin-loving benefits. My face is always smoother, plumper {in a good way!} and glowy-er when I do. Combine that with my craving for sunshine since this dreary summer Sydney weather isn’t giving me any, and BAM! This tropical chia bowl of good mood food was born. Grab a bite of summer with the recipe below!

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Festive Rudolph-Surprise Lamington Bites *RAW VEGAN*

Lamingtons are an Aussie classic. Traditionally a vanilla sponge cake of sorts, this down-under favorite is coated with chocolate sauce and coconut shreds and sometimes found filled with jam.

Since this dessert is rarely a vegan treat, I decided to get my nom on with a comparable and easy-to-make — running on limited time here as a busy working mom — bliss ball variation.

Coming together with a handful of ingredients, this Christmas-y bite of Oz is just “too easy, mate.”

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Arugula Harvest Salad *Living Kitchen Copycat*

Hi you guys! As you know, we’ve moved to the other side of the world. While it’s absolutely amazing here, I miss my Charlotte eats SO MUCH. Luna’s Living Kitchen, or as it’s called now — “Living Kitchen” — was one of my favorite spots ever. The food was mostly raw, gluten-free, organic/local and was completely vegan, aesthetically appealing and crazy good. I was a HUGE fan of their iced chai, Flying Lucy smoothie, Fire & Brimstone burger, Caesar Salad and this amazing Arugula Harvest Salad.

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Wake up to Beautiful: "Beauty" Pebbles with Green Goddess Mylk

When I was little, I wouldn’t eat breakfast unless it had a cartoon character on the box or at least went snap, crackle and pop once the milk was poured. Maybe you can relate? Now, that I’m older, and dare I say a bit wiser, I still love a good bowl of cereal {like really, really love} but prefer to satisfy that craving in a way that loves my body right back. After all, even though Post has declared its Fruity Pebbles gluten free that doesn’t make it healthy. Do you even know what’s in that over-processed, neon-colored stuff? I checked it out and well, it’s not very pretty:

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{Almost} Raw Vegan Halloween Bites

Today was Diva Day at our Pure Barre Studio and I have to say, all this Xtina prep has really got me fired up for Halloween! Normally, Halloween is just kind of, "meh" for me. While it's fun getting the kids their costumes, I'm honestly like, why did I just spend that much $$ for one night where it's either going to be too cold to see their cute costumes because they will be bundled up in layers or in Emma's case, the costume probably won't even stay on. But, I'm so much less of a scrooge {uhhh... Frankenstein?!} this year thanks to all that PB excitement surrounding Diva Day. I'm so lucky to work at such an amazing studio with incredible coworkers, inspiring #girlboss and cute outfits because really, everything is so much more fun with a little tuck, a little shake and a whole lot of PBFF love! And a fantastic Diva-fied playlist!
OK... moving on now to the point of this post... I DO, however, always get excited about the Halloween FOOD! Making it look gross or fun or anyway special to get smiles from my kiddos just makes my life. Trying to think of something fun for this year to surprise them with and well, my train of thought went something like this, "hmmm... dracula, blood, white smoothie with cherry 'blood' on top oozing down the sides, balls, Frankenstein BALLS!, no no, bites, ooh vampires, even better... boo bites. Yes!" 

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Strawberry Lemonade Bites

Wanderlust: A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. 

Wanderlust is to summertime like peanut butter is to jelly. Like tucking is to shaking. And like pulsing is to changing. The two just belong together. Wherever your adventure takes you this summer, whether it’s out on the open road or 35,000 feet in the air, save your wallet and your waistline from the empty calorie and overly-processed “convenience” foods along the way and pack yourself a little taste of summertime with these energizing little balls of sunshine. Slightly tart and naturally sweet, these strawberry lemonade bites will satisfy your cravings and keep hunger at bay wherever your adventure takes you.

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Mango Berry Acai Bowl

Good morning and happy Monday! No, that's not a contradiction at all! For all you Monday dreaders out there, it's time to view Monday through a new set of lenses. French lenses. Not only do French women not get fat, but it appears their meaning of Monday is a bit more optimistic and empowering. The most hated, picked on, and abused day of the week literally translates to "My day" over there. So, turn your day into MonYAY with this beautifying, body-loving Mango Berry Acai Bowl. Hey, it's a start... 

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Easy Citrus Beet Salad

These days, I have less and less desire to cook dinner. With the sunshine beckoning me to head outside, soak up some of its vitamin D-liciousness and play with my babies, it's harder and harder to justify making a complicated recipe that takes all night and requires turning the oven on. Luckily, the seasonal produce lends such freshness and flavor that many nights my home {un}cooking is warmly received by the whole family. Especially when it looks almost too good to eat. I mean, check out the beauty that is this Raw Citrus Beet Salad. Thinly sliced ruby beets mingling with bright citrus and a touch of mint make you think you're biting into summer with every crisp and delicious mouthful. 

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Up"Beet" Zinger Juice

I love fresh raw foods. What's not to love? With their healing energy, crisp and fresh deliciousness and vivid coloring hinting at the vast array of minerals and nutrients nearly bursting from their seams, organic fruits and veggies are nature's perfect food. So it only makes sense that not only do these foods nourish your body but they also invigorate your mind. And you can definitely expect a mood boost from this zingy and grounding fresh juice recipe I have for you today loaded with vibrant red beet, spicy ginger and sweet and tangy citrus. Your afternoon pick me up just got a whole lot yummier!

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Love Your Locks Smoothie

Drink your way to beautiful, shiny locks with this superfood smoothie that will rebuild your hair from the inside out. Loaded with amino acids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, iron and b vitamins, this smoothie will take your hair from drab to fab. So ditch those expensive salon visits and products loaded with chemicals and treat yourself to some all natural goodness with this sweet treat.

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