Sweet Potato, Quinoa & Kale Summer Salad *The Boathouse at Shelly Beach Inspired Recipe*

As promised in my last post, here is a more traditional Thanksgiving dish to serve up for your family and friends. This recipe is based on the “Summer Salad” from the iconic Boathouse at Shelly Beach. I thought I could never fully recreate this simple salad because it was just too perfect and served up beautifully next to the sandy shoreline. Turns out I was wrong. I TOTALLY NAILED IT.

Think piles of kale and quinoa mingling with roasted sweet potato chunks, dressed in a simple vinaigrette and topped with a mountain of crunchy almonds, pretty-in-pink pickled red onions and juicy pomegranate arils. This simple, yet statement-making, salad is all you need for a taste of summer “Straya” style.

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The Easy Whole Food Thanksgiving Recipe Everyone Will Love

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! You guys! How did the holiday season get here so quickly? While, I'm not complaining... as far as I'm concerned, it makes up for the shorter days and freezing cold mornings... I am, however, a bit in panic mode. I mean, five weeks until Christmas... FIVE! And a mere 10 days until Thanksgiving. Despite what Target, 98.9 and a slew of other retailers and even some *cough* obnoxious neighbors think, Thanksgiving deserves to be celebrated before Christmas dominates the season. And maybe even more than once.  I mean, hello "Friends"giving and any other excuse to hang out with those you love and eat lots of yummy food. 

Speaking of yummy food, if you are feasting more than once this Thanksgiving, it's a good idea to keep your pants zipping well into the new year. Amiright?! So, eat what makes Thanksgiving Thanksgiving to you {I'm looking at you sweet potato casserole!} and be sure to serve up some healthy options that taste as delicious as they are nourishing and even work double-time to keep your health-conscious guests happy too. Like this amazing herb roasted veggies dish from our LTB Report superstar Kat Eckles. Everybody from kids to carnivores will love these easy roasted fall veggies and you'll love dishing it up for them.

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