LOVERS Truffles *Raw Vegan Sexy*

Being happy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’d be nice if it were, of course. Sunshine is definitely a big part of it – the best feeling part of it maybe. But feeling good is ALL of it. Embracing all of it — darkness too. It’s the moon. It’s the stars. And how beautiful is that? How beautiful that the whole world is inside of you? Inside of me. Inside of us.

And, how beautiful that we live in the only world with chocolate?!

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Festive Rudolph-Surprise Lamington Bites *RAW VEGAN*

Lamingtons are an Aussie classic. Traditionally a vanilla sponge cake of sorts, this down-under favorite is coated with chocolate sauce and coconut shreds and sometimes found filled with jam.

Since this dessert is rarely a vegan treat, I decided to get my nom on with a comparable and easy-to-make — running on limited time here as a busy working mom — bliss ball variation.

Coming together with a handful of ingredients, this Christmas-y bite of Oz is just “too easy, mate.”

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Santa Hat Brownies **VEGAN GLUTEN FREE**

Ho ho ho! I’m dropping in today to help take some stress out of this silly season by sharing with you this easy-to-assemble and cute-as-can-be holiday treat 🎄 You’ve probably seen them around before — the idea is nothing new. However, my execution is. Using my go-to brownie recipe and super fluffy cream, this recipe has been elevated with good-for-you ingredients giving your body just what it’s craving without all the junk.

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This is No Trick: Healthy Candy Corn Smoothie with Vegan Marshmallow Fluff

Vampires, witches, goblins oh my! Halloween is right around the corner and with it comes the shorter days, longer nights and superstitions that will send chills down your spine for reasons that can’t be measured in degrees Fahrenheit! Originating from the ancient Celtic belief that, on Halloween night, the line between life and death blurs and spirits of the dead return to Earth. Today, tales of witches, black cats and mummies still loom, captivating children and adults alike, but the true horror has subsided into a night filled with candy, trickery and well, more candy! Filled with high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors and saturated fat – the sugar bombs filling trick-or-treat baskets just might be the most frightening part of the night!

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